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Liubomyr Senyshyn has been teaching both internationally and within the states for the past ten years. His first teaching experience, as an associate in the Sichynsky prep school, taught him the importance of fundamentally understanding your instrument from a  young age. He has adopted this into his own teaching method in order to provide students with the necessary skills to develop, grow, and play music in a life-long and highly enjoyable fashion. Mr. Senyshyn truly believes that knowing the ins and outs of the instrument physically will pave the way for a deeper sense of understanding and a more meaningful experience as a musician. 


Both students and parents are integral in the process of learning and growing as a musician. Students are responsible for the level that they immerse themselves in the music. This looks like daily practicing, listening to music, attending all lessons with an open and respectful attitude, and seeing music as an avenue towards many paths in life. Parents will be expected to actively collaborate in this process of learning through attending and participating in lessons, taking notes and practicing with their children at home, providing a supportive and encouraging environment, and taking charge of their role in this journey. 



Mr. Senyshyn is a teacher of all levels and ages of students, open to personalizing each students’ music experience. Students may choose from solo private lessons, audition preparation classes (during the season), and duos or ensemble classes. Also, he holds two yearly recitals (in the fall, and the spring) for the students in his studio, in which students have the chance to meet and be a part of the studio community and play with a professional accompanist. 

Photography by: Mark Römisch

"Mr. Liubomyr is an exceptional

violin teacher, and sets the bar high for his students. His compassion and  expertise      towards his students help them reach levels they didn't know were possible"

 - Rose Starkman

Tuition Rates

-30 Minute Lesson - $55
-45 Minute Lesson - $75
-60 Minute Lesson - $96


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